bitpuf is better

Why is Bitpuf Better? Get v1.4 and See! (Hint: you control your content…)

5 Reasons bitpuf is Better

  1. bitpuf puts you in control.

Social networks and email providers retain your shared content and build detailed personal profiles. We know that some things need to be shared differently.

  1. With bitpuf, it’s all in one place.

Photos, files, instant messages… How many apps do you use to share your content?

  1. You leave no digital footprint.

Auto-erasing content keeps it off the record. Why archive it if you don’t need to?

  1. Beautiful design and simplicity matter.

You know it when you see it. Simplicity + ease of use = delight!

  1. Version 1.4 offers many improvements…

…and we’ll never stop looking for ways to make the experience even better.

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Get bitpuf Version 1.3!

Happy New Year from all of us at bitpuf!

We’re launching into 2017 with a fresh look. Version 1.3 is now available and it makes bitpuf even simpler and more convenient.

What’s new for 2017? Powerful productivity and effortless exchange!

All Your Content, One View, Always Current

With images and files now displayed together, you present all of your content in a single gallery view.

This makes bitpuf perfect for visual work and projects that involve multiple content types. It’s all right there for you to see. And updates are reflected instantly.

No Account Needed

Viewers don’t need an account—they just tap a link to see your Clip! They can even send you comments.

Better Business with bitpuf

You probably know that bitpuf is great for sharing personal content like photos and videos.

But did you know that businesses and professionals like using bitpuf to exchange confidential documents, contracts, and other sensitive content like invoices, signed forms, tax or financial data?

Instant Delivery, No Digital Footprint

Most electronic exchanges leave digital footprints. In-person exchanges do not.

Using bitpuf, you get the benefits of both: it’s like having a sealed envelope hand-delivered instantly.

Control version dispersion
There’s nothing more frustrating and less efficient than trying to keep track of shared documents or files. When you are working with a team, bitpuf makes it simple‐-updates are reflected instantly so everyone will always be accessing the latest version.
version control collaboration editing revisions current content
All of your content in a single view
internal sharing security users usernames secure
Internal sharing for highest security
Keep content secure
When sharing with other bitpuf users, you maintain tight control over access. To view your content, viewers must login.
You can also share content via a link to make your content accessible without logging in.
It’s your choice.
Comment conveniently
There’s no need to switch to a messaging app to communicate. You can comment right in the bitpuf app.
in app comments replies reply single same view
In-app comments & replies in the same view
choose automate expiration date and time hour editable
Editable expiration settings–to the hour
Automate expiration
Of course, there’s no better way to keep your content secure than to make it go away after it’s reached its recipients.
With bitpuf, you can get very granular and set your expiration time down to the hour.
And once it’s gone, it’s gone.
We don’t archive.
bitpuf ClipBoard status indicators screenshot

Announcing bitpuf version 1.2

We’ve just launched version 1.2 and we think you’ll love the improvements!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Status indicators alert you to new comments and new or revised content
  • Pull-to-refresh provides on-the-spot updates: you can now pull down from the top of your screen to refresh
  • A few bug fixes

Do you frequently share business-critical files or confidential documents (tax, financial, legal, proprietary)? bitpuf offers a simple, completely secure channel for exchanging documents in many professional contexts.

Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon!

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