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Introducing… Neverlasting content

Somewhere along our path through the digital age, we stopped distinguishing between content that we’d like to record, save, and archive and content that should disappear. We stopped recognizing the benefits of impermanence: privacy, security, and simplicity. There are many reasons for making digital content ephemeral—perhaps it is casual or short-lived, sensitive or confidential.

In the real world, we can hand off a document to our attorney, accountant, or doctor; we can have conversations, share photos, or exchange information selectively and quietly, in the moment and not beyond.

We’ve largely lost this kind of interaction in the online world, but not because it isn’t still valuable. With so much of the digital economy fueled by the highly targeted ads aimed at us, personal data has become the resource sine qua non.

Nearly every interaction we engage in online becomes part of a record. But is everything we do online worth capturing and analyzing? Surely it is not. Are we aware that we’re providing this raw material? Often we are not.

bitpuf was founded with a vision to recreate these ephemeral exchanges, to provide a secure channel for delivery, and to respect the privacy of personal data. We’re all for the convenience and pleasure of sharing online. We just believe in giving you the right to control your privacy and to choose whether your content will last forever.

bitpuf it!

Photo credit: Silroby / Fotolia